Xbox One exclusive games are increasing in today's gaming industry. It is also one of the main reasons why some gamers prefer to buy Xbox One as it offers such amazing exclusive games. There are different types of exclusive games that players can try in Xbox One today. Some of them offer realistic gameplay, while some of them bring an intense action to the console. Here are the Top 3 Xbox One exclusive games this 2017.

‘Froza Horizon 3’

“Froza Horizon 3” is one of the most realistic racing games in today's games. It replicates almost every sports car in real life, as well as amazing 4x4s.

“Froza Horizon 3” also features a real representation of Australia, where players can race on its beautiful and popular locations, such as the Surfers Paradise, Great Ocean Road and more. In the game, players can take control of different customizable sports cars. One of the most popular cars in the game are the Ferraris, which is very stylish and fast. The game also offers different challenges where players can test their skills in driving. Players can also get different DLCs in the game that adds new amazing cars. “Froza Horizon 3” is the game to get for racing game lovers.

‘Gears of War 4’

Gears Of War 4” is one of the most intense action games on Xbox One today. The game offers a massive number of weapons that players can customize.

Players also love the story mode of the game. However, “Gears of War 4” is more fun when played in online multiplayer. There are different game modes in the online mode of the game. First is the PvP, which is a deathmatch. Players will also enjoy playing the Horde Mode, where a group of players should survive waves of enemies.

“Gears of War 4” is also being regularly updated, which adds new contents that fans will enjoy.

‘Dead Rising 3’

Survival game lovers should try “Dead Rising 3.” It has most of the elements for a zombie survival game. However, “Dead Rising 3” offers an amazing weapon crafting system, where players can combine almost everything to create a powerful weapon.

Even though there is already a sequel to the game, players still prefer “Dead Rising 3” as it keeps the funny humor and amazing features of the game. Fans also believed that “Dead Rising 3” has a more interesting storyline than its sequel. The game also offers a large in-game world that takes some time to discover. “Dead Rising 3” is a game to get for those who are looking for a new style of zombie survival game.