The main purpose of video game DLC (Downloadable Content) is to add new content that players can enjoy. However, over the recent years, developers have been using this method to lock key mechanics or features in the game. Things like the hard mode, photo galleries, and equipment sets have been locked behind a pay wall which makes it extremely frustrating for fans to enjoy what the game should have included. In line with this, here are some of a ridiculous DLC practices that could be considered as scams.

Conversational micro transactions – ‘Dragon Age: Origins’

BioWare used to make some impressive games which quickly grew popular in the industry.

Lately, however, they’ve lost their touch and have even abandoned their “Mass Effect: Andromeda” series following its negative reception from fans and critics. Following this, one of their games called “Dragon Age: Origins” had a really mind-boggling paywall wherein the player would be locked out of a quest if they didn’t have real money to pay for it. You can approach various villagers with the objectives highlighted over their head and they’ll tell you the initial details about a quest. However, they’ll soon end their plea by asking the player for real money if they want to continue the quest. Needless to say, this ruined the game’s immersion and feels like a cheap move in general.

DX Upgrade – ‘Sonic Adventures’

Sonic Adventures” was a pretty popular game when it arrived back in 1999 but was quickly judged as overrated during its re-release on the GameCube back in 2003. Fast-forward to 2010 and they decided to release the Dreamcast version of the game yet again, but this time for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

While this might have seemed like a dream come true, Sega ruined their chance by locking out the Gamecube version’s features behind a paywall. It’s also worth pointing out that the paywall didn’t even include the complete Gamecube features as some of them came with unlockable Game Gear games.

Horse armor – ‘Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion’

Elder Scrolls Iv: Oblivion” was a pretty big point in gaming as the industry as a whole was beginning to adapt to some major changes. While it could have pushed for a positive portrayal of DLC, they decided to take a low blow and release horse armor as downloadable content. If you think adding an extra layer of shiny metal to your horse might have helped you, this armor is pretty much worthless. Needless to say, players were quick to lash back to the ridiculous DLC practice.

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