Monday, August 21, marks the end of the most anticipated micro-holiday in "World of Warcraft," the Trial of Style. The goal of the contest is to transmogrify an outfit to fit a given theme. Winning players will receive Trial of Style Tokens which they can use to purchase in-game gear. As we celebrate this stylish event, let's look at the best-dressed characters in Video Games.

Phoenix Wright - 'Ace Attorney'

Phoenix Wright wears a clean navy suit that matches his dark blue eyes. His prim and proper fashion sense makes him look more like a model in the catwalk than an attorney in a courtroom.

This top brass attorney not only has looks that could kill but also has the right skills to back it all up. He is a veteran defense attorney known for his ability to turn seemingly hopeless cases around. Phoenix Wright had already appeared in several media platforms: an anime series, a live action film, a Japanese manga adaptation of the video game series and a Japanese musical based on the same series.

Solid Snake - 'Metal Gear Solid'

The tuxedo is an unlockable outfit in most Metal Gear games. The tuxedo is often favored as the outfit of choice by fictional high-class spies, like James Bond, causing it to become a staple of "spy stereotyping." Players can unlock the uniform by completing the game with both endings and starting each subsequent game with a newly saved file.

For premiere spies like Snake, the black, formal, evening outfit is a perfect balance of style and functionality.

Ada Wong - 'Resident Evil'

Both deadly and sexy, Ada Wong wears a red dress slit up to the waist, a black choker, and red stilettos. Make no mistake, her sexy dress in not only intended to show off her legs as white as porcelain but also aids her to easily access her thigh holstered pistol.

Ada has exhibited an array of clothes throughout the Resident Evil series, but she looked best in "Resident Evil: Damnation," a feature-length 3D animation of the game which served as a prequel to the video game "Resident Evil: 6." She wore a black pencil cut skirt with matching black blazers, just another day at work as a private agent killing zombies.

Lightning - Final Fantasy

Probably the best in this list, Lightning, from "Final Fantasy Final Fantasy XIII" is a legitimate model. This Final Fantasy video game character has her own mild perfume called "Lightning eau de toilette." She appeared in a PlayStation commercial with some of the biggest names in video games like Nathan Drake, Kratos, and Cole McGrath. But her best achievement so far was modeling for Prada and Louis Vuitton, a one of a kind accomplishment for a video-game character.