DLC practices are usually shunned nowadays for being pure cash grabs that don’t really add anything to the game. What’s worse, however, is that some developers lock standard content (like hard mode, photo galleries, saving equipment set ups) behind DLC which makes absolutely no sense. On the other hand, other game devs use this opportunity to create stunning new worlds or put a twist on the game to make something new and exciting. With that being said, let’s take a look at some of the best video games practices.

‘Undead Nightmare’ – ‘Red Dead Redemption’

“Red Dead Redemption” was an impressive game all on its own, and it also received a positive reception from both fans and critics. Since the wild west setting was underutilized, Rockstar Games tried to work with the elements and make something really creative and impressive out of it. While it seemed like the game couldn't get any better, they released a DLC expansion called “Undead Nightmare” which introduced zombies to the game. You might be thinking that cowboys and the undead don’t match very well, but you’d be surprised how effective these two themes match together. The expansion takes place before the epilogue with protagonist John Maston fending off hordes of undead using a variety of items like holy water and blunderbuss.

‘Blood and Wine’ – ‘The Witcher 3’

Despite coming from a small studio, “The Witcher 3” managed to deliver an amazing experience and is hailed as one of the best modern RPGs because of its gameplay and plot. Those who are fond of the “Witcher” series are treated to Geralt’s next adventure, while those new to the series can pick off where he last left off.

Following the main game, “The Witcher 3” had gotten several DLC expansions – “Heart of Stone” and “Blood and Wine.” The latter brought Geralt to the land of Toussaint and contains 20 hours of new content. Overall, “Blood and Wine” is the perfect send-off to the game and character fans have spent so much time on.

‘Left Behind’ – ‘The Last of Us’

Naughty Dog has never failed to deliver, be that from their “Uncharted” or “The Last of Us” series. So when they announced the “Left Behind” DLC, fans were eager to learn more about Ellie and her tragic past. There’s very little action in this short story as it focuses more on character relationships and personal lore, especially for Ellie. We get to see her meet with her friend, Riley, as they sneak into an abandoned mall and show players just how teenagers in that post-apocalyptic area have fun.