Games developer Monolith Productions and games publisher Warner Bros. Interactive has announced that their upcoming action role playing game sequel, "Middle-Earth Shadow of War," will indeed sport a micro transaction feature. The second installment in the relatively new franchise will be the first title to sport the feature, which is actually a bold move for both companies. Aside from confirming the new feature, the developer has also shared some new details regarding its micro transaction system and how it will affect the gameplay experience for fans of the series.

Money talks

According to a recent post on the game's forum website, players of the upcoming game will apparently be able to access a brand new option within the game called the Market. Access to the Market will require players to be online during purchases. Players will have access to a myriad of goodies within the shop, which includes things like war chests, loot chests, XP boosts, and various bundles. The items in the Market also correspond to the game's brand new Nemesis system and players should be able to find the things they need to take advantage of the feature without having to actually work to get the items.

Optional feature

Monolith Productions reiterated in their post that the micro transaction feature in no way affects the single player gameplay experience for those who do not want to fork out the additional cash.

Spending real money to get in-game currency is meant to be just an option for certain players who want to speed up their progress through the game. All of the items found in the store can be attained through normal gameplay for free. However, some items may be hard to track down and acquire, which means that those who have a little bit extra to spend can get them immediately.

Item descriptions

As described by the developer, each type of item found within the Market will have specific functions that can either help in leveling up Talion or improve his orc army. The Loot Chests will contain weapons and armor specifically for Talion to equip. These items will enhance certain abilities and powers. The War Chests, on the other hand, contains items to enhance Talion's Orc followers.

The XP Boost item can be used to level up Talion, while the different Bundles will contain a different combination of items at discounted prices.

"Middle-earth: Shadow of War" is the direct sequel to 2014's "Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor." The game is scheduled to be released for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC on Oct. 10.