Respawn Entertainment will roll out “A Glitch in the Frontier,” the next batch of downloadable content for “Titanfall 2,” on April 25. The DLC, which is free to all players, includes two maps, a faction, another game mode and a whole lot more.

Huge additions under way

The game’s first new map is called Glitch, which EA describes as “a medium-sized map designed for objective modes and inspired by Captain Lastimosa’s home planet of Harmony.” A second arena, called Deck, is specifically for the Live Fire game mode, which was introduced as part of last month’s free update. The second map features “tight interior spaces, exposed courtyards and watchful drones circling overhead.”

Another significant part of the update is a new faction call MRVN, and it also brings back Marked for Death mode for “Titanfall 2.” The MRVN could be a connection to MARVIN automated assistants in-game, the unarmed NPCs that are usually seen as passive.

More freebies!

Respawn is also increasing the max gen for pilots to 100 and will make changes to the main menu. Next week, it will get tiles for news and a new look overall that users will enjoy. What’s more, players can now play Live Fire in Private Matches, and there’s also a new Get to the Point execution. New Gen icons for callsigns are also to be added, and players will receive a new one for each 10 Gens achieved.

Respawn’s recent announcement follows the reveal of its outline for the next three months. Next up is a brand new Titan, more executions, and cosmetic upgrades, although some of these will likely require payment. However, the developer has confirmed that players will see more free trials shortly, the recent of which was held in March.

The game continues to offer fans more perks, albeit failing to meet EA’s sales targets during launch. However, Respawn in March said that the games continue to add more players every week and that it’s “healthy and growing.”

"Right now we're focused on the long term future of Titanfall, and we're excited about it," Respawn said. "The core Titanfall team is working away on lots of cool stuff, whether that be DLC for Titanfall 2, action blocks, and prototypes for future Titanfall projects, or other crazy science experiments."

Previously, “Titanfall 2” brought back the Angel City map.

The map foregrounded wall-running and corridors to initiate intense firefights that cut off Titans from their team and forced to battle other Titans.

Looking ahead, fans can expect more free DLC, although it remains unclear if the game sees the third entry.

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