"The Sims 4" fan-created Eco Living stuff pack is well underway for its 2018 release and it appears that the development is definitely making smooth progress. Following the selection of the gameplay features back in June, the voting of the pack title as well as the pack icon will take place early next month.

Voting schedule announced

During the most recent “The Sims 4” Toddler Stuff livestream, game producer Graham Nardone (SimGuruGraham) announced the team's decision to set the voting first for the pack title. The choosing of pack icon will, alternately, be the last.

Apparently, Simmers still need to come up with their own ideas for the pack title since Eco Living is simply a placeholder name at the moment. Eco Living was simply picked as an overall theme for the upcoming pack.

Maxis thought of doing this fan-created stuff pack as their way to get the fans involved in the development of a DLC for the popular life simulation game.

Pack title vote

Now, all simmers around the world will get their chance to choose the pack title on September 6 to September 8. They must vote for an official pack title that perfectly fits the Eco Living environment and content.

To recall, the Laundry-themed gameplay officially won as the gameplay objects that will be featured in this particular stuff pack back in June.

Pack Icon vote

After the pack title vote, the selection for the stuff pack icon vote will follow shortly on September 13 to September 15. The simmers can browse a wide selection of proposed icons created by the Sims team and then, personally choose the one they would want to be put on the stuff pack’s box art and in the in-game catalog.

Fans must note that voting for stuff pack title and pack icon will be the last two polls to be done for the fan-created DLC. So, fans should not miss the opportunity to make their votes count and be heard.

Laundry gameplay features update

SimGuruGraham also teased laundry-themed gameplay features will function in the “The Sims 4” Eco Living as imagined by the Sims team.

Nardone explained that dirty laundry is only produced as Sims change their outfits so that the laundry to wash will just be the clothing.

He added to point out that sheets or towels hanging from the clothesline will appear in the game, although, players won’t be able to pick up these things from the bed, bathroom, and the like. They can collect the laundry from the basket and get them cleaned.

“The Sims 4” Eco Living stuff pack is yet to receive an official release date but Maxis confirmed that this fan-created DLC will be available sometime in 2018. For the time being, simmers can look forward to the Toddler Stuff that will arrive in the game on August 24.