The Elder Scrolls Online” is receiving today a new DLC dubbed as Horns of the Reach. Alongside the new downloadable content is an update that rolls out numerous improvements to the MMORPG title. The same DLC is expected to arrive on Xbox One in the coming weeks.

Latest DLC

The Horns of the Reach is the second content pack released in “The Elders Scrolls Online” following the Morrowind content in June 2017. The latest pack features two new interesting Dungeons in the game dubbed as called Falkreath Hold and Bloodroot Forge along with new in-game items.

Those who are not buying the downloadable content will still be getting a new content. Among this includes the new competitive PvP Battleground mode called Chaosball. Players will also get a new map—Arcane University. These extra contents will be available to players who own the Morrowind pack.

The game’s latest DLC pack is now available on PC and will be available to Xbox One starting August 29. The update for the console will include the Horns of the Reach and the extra Battleground mode content.

Game improvements

Update 15 released alongside the new DLC roll out a plethora of improvements and fixes to the game. This includes new Combat Cues settings. Players can now customize varying colors for different cues.

Aside from that, Writ Vouchers and Alliance Point can now be stored in the bank and can be shared with other characters on the account. There are also two new guild improvements introduced in the game. These are Invite History and Rank Permissions. These additions are provided to maintain the privacy of the guild finances, which is dependent on the rank of the member.

Apart from those, Crafting is now improved in the game. Those who would like to cancel crafting to try something else can now cancel any in-progress research in the game immediately. The draw back for this is that the item will be destroyed and will no longer be available for restoration.

In addition, the latest update also released improvements on the Equipped Item of the game.

Players will no longer be naked just to improve the equipped gear. Now, players will be able to improve any currently-equipped item anytime. Moreover, these items can now be found in the improvements crafting menu. For “The Elders Scrolls Online” PC players, equipped items will be specified by a checkmark in the Improvement Menu. For PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the items will be under the Equipped Section of the item type.