Console Updates will be rolling out in the asymmetric survival horror soon. Behaviour Interactive recently announced that “Dead by Daylight” will be receiving the much-awaited patch for its console version as it released the Console Roadmap. This is in response to several complaints by Xbox One and PlayStation users that their versions are lagging behind the PC. The first patch will arrive in the game through the free update dubbed the “Lullaby for the Dark.” It is the same update that will upgrade the game to version 1.6.0.

Roadmap for the console

The Console Roadmap of “Dead by Daylight " contains the list of updates that are scheduled to arrive in the console version of the game. There are four scheduled updates that have been revealed in the latest announcement and the first one that will arrive this month is the "Lullaby for the Dark." The game developer also listed "Halloween DLC" and has a tentative schedule for release on August 25 for North American players.

In addition, the "Charity Case" is included in the roadmap. This is a Cosmetic pack that will be launched in the console version of the game and the proceeds of which will go directly to the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation. An update that will catch up on the PC build is also listed as coming to the game.

Behaviour Interactive explained that the order and content of the listed updates can change. While the Console roadmap has been revealed, fans are disappointed that the developer did not give any release dates for these upcoming updates for the European regions and Xbox One version.

Lullaby for the Dark

In the later part of July, Behaviour Interactive released on PC the Lullaby for the Dark” update.

The update is scheduled to arrive on PlayStation 4 in North America on August 21. So far, there is no definite release date for the European regions. The upcoming update is massive in size and will consume 2GB of the console’s free space.

This update will introduce a new killer in the game’s chapter called the Huntress. She was illustrated as a troubled woman with a long-range weapon.

The Huntress is described as a deadly killer that can hurl hatchets towards its victims with perfect accuracy. A new map dubbed the Mother’s Dwelling will also be released alongside the update.

The new map will feature the home of the game’s latest killer. It is set in a deep part of a concealed forest where the Huntress stalks her suspecting victims. Moreover, a new survivor will also be launched in this update in the person of David King. He is a former Rugby athlete who wasted his life on alcohol and bar fights. The Lullaby for the Dark of “Dead by Daylight” will be available for free.