Niantic Labs is launching a new kind of Raid Battle in “Pokemon Go” exclusively for Mewtwo. It appears that the game developer has prepared something for the augmented reality game’s most powerful Legendary pocket monster. Here are the details about the new Exclusive raid Battles.

Exclusive Raid Battles

On August 14, the gaming app announced on its official Twitter account that the latest legendary creature added to the game is only available through Exclusive Raid Battles. This latest feature in “Pokemon Go,” works like the regular Raid Battles.

However, for players to be able to participate in this kind of Raid, they need to be invited. Contrasting the regular Raids that appears occasionally without any warning, the new raid battle will give players more time to prepare and coordinate with other players before finally facing Mewtwo.

How to get an invitation

Players will have to successfully complete the latest raid at the location where the Exclusive Raid Battle is going to happen. The game developer encourages players to participate in as many raids in various Gyms to increase the odds of getting an invitation.

Mewtwo is the first pocket monster confirmed to be Exclusive Raid Boss in the game. However, it was also confirmed that other powerful pocket monsters will soon start appearing at the Exclusive Raids.

Unfortunately, the game developer has not yet revealed when exactly this new Exclusive Raid Battle is going to start.

Legendary Birds returning

Meanwhile, Lugia, Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos are coming back to the game. The announcement was made on August 14 along with the reveal of the new Exclusive Raids in the game. This is what Niantic Labs has been hinting about (more legendary adventures) in the latest email that it sent to the players.

The legendary birds will be available in the game until August 31, 2017.

Stadium event

During the Stadium Event in Yokohama, Japan the most-awaited Legendary creature, Mewtwo was unleashed as a special Raid Boss. Just minutes after players started seeing the creature, Twitter exploded with screenshots and images of the Psychic type monster.

Earlier, it was reported that its Attacks, Stamina, and Defense were nerfed by 9 percent in order to make it more viable for capture during the raid battle.

The heavily speculated release of Ho-oh in the Stadium event has not happened yet. But fans are more than satisfied that despite not getting Ho-Oh, the game developer gave them more than what they are expecting. The entire month of August will be extremely a busy month for the players of the augmented reality game, “Pokemon Go.”