There are a lot of characters to to use in the popular game 'Overwatch,' and each character has advantages and disadvantages. Blizzard has been adding additional content since it's debut with maps and modes. The type of map also makes a difference when it comes to which character to use.

D.Va is a fun character to use, and she is a powerful Tank in the game. Depending on how you use her, she can be great. Here are some tips and tricks on how to use the mechanical tank.

Use the fusion cannons constantly

One of her powerful weapons is the twin fusion cannons that deal a lot of short-range damage.

However, the weapons are are still able to hit targets from far away and do a bit of damage. The one great thing about the cannons is that they are continuous, and do not require a reload.

The character also has a shield/defense matrix that can be used to block gunfire. It comes in handy when flying into the battlefield with many different enemies around. It does not last a long time, though, so it is best to fly away from danger.

Boosters come in handy

Along with the weapons, D.Va's boosters are very powerful and help to travel along the map quickly. Not only this, but using the boosters to hit enemies deals a lot of damage and sends enemies flying. Using the cannons at short-range will ultimately kill the opponent.

They are useful in defending a position or knocking enemies away from the goal or when capturing a position. Likewise, it is also good in advancing the payload or knocking enemies away from an objective.

Special power

And lastly, D.Va's ultimate power is deadly. The self-destruct feature is a joy to use when it is deployed with many enemies in one spot as it obliterates them all.

D.Va can jump out from the mech before it explodes and fire her pistol to deal additional damage to opponents at the same time. The automatic pistol does a good deal of damage from mid-range, but if firing around the head and neck area, it can destroy enemies.

Also, when the mech kills a lot of enemies, she is able to summon another one to battle, so she can hop right back into the fight.

Although, D.Va does not have that much health without her mech, so running around and shooting enemies is the way to go, but picking up health is a smart decision and it is necessary when not having the mech. D.Va is able to summon another mech.

Overall, D.Va is one of the most fun characters to use in the game and it is one of my favorite tanks to use. Following these tips will help you reach another level with D.Va and be a champion on the field.