The latest updates for "Street Fighter 5" will feature the possible release of the Arcade Mode next year and new character costumes will be added for the franchise's 30th Anniversary celebration.

Arcade Mode coming soon

Video game data miner Miyuki Chan a.k.a. X-Kira claimed that the possible release date for Arcade Mode on "Street Fighter 5" will be in January 2017. While there is no official announcement from Capcom about adding Arcade Mode into the game, fans have been requesting for the Japanese publisher to reconsider the notion since last year.

Arcade mode has been present in the "Street Fighter" franchise for many years and the fifth installment is the only game in the series to have strayed away from it. The absence of Arcade Mode has left gamers bored and disinterested in playing the sequel as they have to wait for an opponent to play with them during online matches.

X-Kiras's data mining skills have been proven to be very effective in the past as each leaked information provides a number of possibilities for the game to be improved through patch updates, DLC characters and stages for new costumes, game rewards, and story mode expansions.

Perhaps, Capcom will provide the answers to the fans burning desire to have Arcade Mode for "Street Fighter 5" as the game publisher still has plans for the sequel over the next few years.

30th Anniversary celebration

Capcom announced new DLC costumes for "Street Fighter 5" and this batch of character outfits will be released within the month to coincide with the 30th Anniversary celebration of the game franchise.

The celebration will begin on Aug. 29 as players will be able to buy fancy new threads for M.Bison, Ibuki, Guile, and Karin Kanzuki in the game for four dollars each.

M.Bison's costume will feature a red royal military uniform as he is engulfed in his Psycho Power. Guile will sport a blue Marine Corps uniform. Karin will be wearing a white and pink traditional kimono dress. And Ibuki will wear a red and orange kimono dress.

The Japanese publisher has been offering a regular stream of DLC costumes for the sequel since its release.

Last month, they released a trio of retro costumes that were inspired by older "Street Fighter" titles. They also introduced sports themed outfits, as well as a premium "Champion's Choice" outfit for Guile.

Capcom will continue to provide more content for the game along with a new set of DLC fighters within this year and in 2018.