Capcom took advantage of the recently held 2017 EVO Championship event to officially announce the next downloadable content (DLC) playable character that will be coming to its popular fighting video game "Street Fighter 5."

During the premier eSport event, which saw the Japanese competitive player Tokido take the win, Capcom revealed that it will be making the infamous "Final Fight" boss Abigail available as a DLC character on July 25.

Many firsts

For those who have been living under a rock and have not yet played any games in the "Final Fight" series, Abigail is actually the original title's final boss.

The fighter is a hulking behemoth of a man, and he will actually be the tallest fighter in the game when he officially becomes available. His height and weight even surpass Hugo, who is already a very large competitor.

The Canadian Brawler proudly represents his home country via his Canadian leaf logo haircut. It also has to be noted that Abigail was not a playable character in "Final Fight" and his upcoming release will be marking his first appearance in the franchise as a playable fighter.

Just a taste

Abigail will be the fourth of six DLC characters that are planned to be released for the game's Season 2 DLC pack. He will be joining the other DLC characters that have already been made available, namely Akuma, Ed, and Kolin.

Capcom has not yet given any hints regarding the identities of the other fighters that will be coming to the game, but Abigail should be enough to shake things up within the competitive community before the other players arrive.

Serious contender

As shown in the trailer posted above, Abigail sports some very devastating moves and combos.

He is able to outright deflect any oncoming attack given that a player times his blocks accurately, which he then follows up with huge combos. The comically oversized fighter may look slow, but he actually sports some very fast moves and attacks.

Aside from the DLC characters, Capcom will also be releasing a brand new stage called Metro City Bay Area which will be released on the same day.

The stage features Abigail's scrap metal garage in the background along with some dilapidated vehicles.

Additionally, a new story costume will also be added to the game along with a battle costume for Abigail as well. All of the content will be available for players who have already bought the $30 "Street Fighter 5" Season 2 Characters Pass.