Game developer Valve Corporation recently swept avid gamers off their feet at The International 7 by introducing a couple of new "Dota 2" heroes including a pink fairy and an acrobatic, swordsman that seems to bear a striking resemblance to Pangolin.

Reveal trailer released

The swordsman can be seen rolling between adversaries while speaking in an accent that PC Gamer deems as a unification of Zorro and Puss in Boots.

The fairy, on the other hand, makes an appearance holding a lantern with an intimidating, flying creature inside. This seems to coincide with a Redditor's description of an imminent hero revealed in game files acquired from an update from earlier this year, called Sylph a.k.a.


More often than not, these preview videos show off heroes abilities. IGN reports the recently unveiled heroes are likely to be highly mobile and also have the ability to render their enemies defenseless while curling up into a ball and rolling around either to escape or initiate. While the second protagonist got relatively less screen time, multiple sources claimed it is the purported fourth spirit i.e. Sylph.

The reveal trailers come to an end with a preview of the Dueling Fates updates, which IGN expects to arrive as soon as The International ends provided Valve does not deviate from its release pattern. The update comprises the new heroes along with radical balance changes to the game.

New heroes detailed

If the file is anything to go by, Sylph will boast abilities dubbed as Shadow Realm and Flash Powder. The game developer is still tightlipped about the skills and names of the new heroes; however, the fairy's appearance shown in the reveal trailer aligns perfectly with the aforesaid ability names. It's also worth noting that Sylph is an air spirit, which connects it all together.

Despite the fact that there's still no word on whether or not the Dueling Fates patch will be released, there’s hearsay that the two heroes will arrive in this patch. The pink fairy and the unnamed swordsman will provide a roster refresh that is expected to be gladly received by "Dota 2" players. It can be recalled that the last hero added to the game by Valve was the Monkey King back in December 2016.

In his earlier report PC Gamer's Samuel Horti wrongly claimed that Armadillo inspired the swordsman, but he rectified this in his latest report.

The International 2017 has been rife with announcements, including a new "Dota 2" card game. On Saturday, August 12 Valve allowed Open AI; an artificial intelligence company checked its Dota playing bot's skills in opposition to the game's most popular player.