Fighting games appear to continue their resurgence as several publishers have revealed new titles here and there. Bandai Namco recently announced their "Dragon Ball FighterZ," whose trailers, gameplay demos, and mechanics have earned praise from critics and fans alike. The publisher still has several AAA titles in the works like "Ace Combat 07" and "Code Vein," but they just released a mysterious new trailer what seems to be another fighting game called "Projekt1514". The new game seems to be in collaboration with Dimps, a familiar developer with several titles under their belt.

Rumors believe Projekt1514 will be a new fighting game

We believe that Bandai Namco will announce the final title for their new game soon. The current name, "Projekt1514", is most likely a temporary placeholder codename for their new concept. Its trailer does not show any gameplay, but gamers can make out what looks like a war-torn city or a post-apocalyptic setting. Audio cues from the short video clip contain sounds of gunfire in the distance, which could also hint at the possibility of it being within the FPS genre. The short teaser trailer just ends with the game's supposed logo. However, the involvement of Dimps also lends the possibility of the game turning out to be another brawler.

Currently, the publisher has already released "Tekken 7" for home consoles and the PC.

Next, they have another fighting game in development together with Arc System Works called "Dragon Ball FighterZ," which is scheduled to come out next year. Therefore, it is favorable to assume that their new game could be classified under a different genre.

New IP and new concept

As of now, "Projekt1514" is quite difficult to classify given its mysterious trailer.

The lack of any gameplay clips also begets more questions as of the moment. The developer has been involved with games like "The Rumble Fish," "Street Fighter IV," and "Street Fighter V."

Despite Dimps’ fighting game pedigree, the studio has also dabbled in other games from other genres. Even if it seems like a new IP, some gamers claim that the trailer reminds them of "Freedom Wars." The game was also co-developed by the game mentioned above studio a couple of years back.

Bandai Namco has released a statement that instructed fans to “stay tuned for more info.” It seems that it’s a good bet to assume that "Tekken 7" and "Dragon Ball FighterZ" will remain the only fighting games until "Projekt1514" gets fully revealed.