Fighting game fans only have a few more weeks to wait until “Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite” ("MVCI") is released for all major platforms. Unfortunately, the game has experienced a lot of leaks even before it was officially revealed. The game’s roster information was previously disclosed and it confirmed the rumors of the absence of characters from the X-Men. The current roster also supported rumors that it will feature more fighters that appeared in several Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. Capcom has just recently confirmed the inclusion of two other fighters, as well as Ghost Rider.

Final launch roster for 'Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite' grows

The inclusion of Ghost Rider arrives hot on the heels of Capcom’s recent announcement. The studio revealed that Dormammu and Firebrand will be included in the roster. Just like the aforementioned characters’ reveal, the hell-fire-wielding biker was also confirmed through a comic book variant cover. All three fighters have yet to be publicly shown in-game, but it seems that they might be playable later this month during the Gamescom event.

New moveset and abilities

Just like other returning fighters from its predecessor, “MVCI” is still yet to confirm if they will retain their original moveset.

However, this seems less likely, given that the button layout has been changed. Fans expect Capcom to change up the characters just a little bit to make them feel fresh.

Gamescom expected to have more

Fans of the crossover fighting game suspect that the game expo scheduled on August 22, 2017 will have a playable demo available.

It is likely that gamers can take these new fighters for a spin and figure out their moveset and combos. Fighting game fanatics can also expect some major announcements related to the title. On the other hand, “Street Fighter V” players also suspect that Capcom might reveal the game’s next DLC character during the event.

Internal documents accidentally leaked

Meanwhile, an unintended leak just revealed the company’s business plan for “Marvel vs Capcom Infinite." A five-minute presentation, which was obviously meant to be confidential, was accidentally posted on the personal YouTube account of a Capcom executive. John Diamonon, Capcom USA senior director of licensing and esports, unknowingly shared the internal video clip on his account. The documents allegedly reveal the company’s plan to integrate the crossover fighting game into the Capcom Pro Tour. However, it also revealed the firm’s projected investment and estimated profit and loss for their planned endeavor.