Friday the 13th: The Game is again teasing fans with the same cryptic message. Fans are once again baffled on the image that the game developer has posted recently. The dots are back once again, and aside from speculating what this could be all about, the fans would like to know the secret message of the image.

Latest post

The official Twitter account of “Friday the 13th: The Game” is once again teasing fans with the same cryptic post. The image containing the seven black circles and one blue circle is again posted on the social networking site.

It is worth noting that this same image was posted a few days ago. There are only a few noticeable changes in the latest image today.

In the previous tease, the image contains the same eight circles and arranged with four black circles on the first row. The second row also has four circles with three of them colored in black and the last one in blue. Today the circles are also arranged in two rows. This time, however, the first row contains three black circles and one blue circle placed second from the left. Just like the tweet last week, no additional text was included.


Gun Media and IllFonic continue to tease the fans with these cryptic images providing no caption or text, the players.

However, this only excites the fans all the more and allowed them to speculate on what the image could mean in the asymmetrical horror title. One of the most popular speculations is that the blue dot is the new skin for the game’s main character Jason Vorhees. According to this speculation, the new skin could be inspired by the movie “FT13: A New Beginning.”

In this movie, Roy Burns, the impostor killer also wear a mask similar to Jason with slight alterations.

His mask has blue scratches instead of red. Others suggested that the blue circle could also be Pamela Vorhees skin. Jason’s mother is seen in the movie wearing her iconic blue sweater.

Single Player Mode

The changing sequence of the placement of the blue dot in the image could also mean something that the game developer is working on the game.

It could be the much-awaited Single Player mode in the game. Gun Media previously revealed that the mode is already in the works and would most likely be given more attention after the Xbox patch is released. The patch is already out, and it could only be a matter of time that the mode would also be announced.

Upcoming contents

Aside from the mode, Gun Media recently revealed that a free update would be released in the game soon. The update is expected to bring along new maps, new survivor, new emotes, and skins among others. It was also announced that an upcoming update would scrap the Team-Killing in Public Games of ‘‘Friday the 13th: The Game.”