Good news Pokemon fans! After months of not giving us a solid update of "Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon," the official Pokemon channel finally dropped new trailers, and it’s glorious. The new videos showcased a lot of things we are surely going to see in Alola.

New Island challenge trials, Ryuki, and Kahili

"Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon’s" trailers gave us a preview of the brand new Alola region. One of the videos starts with welcoming players to Alola with shifting scenes from the Generation VII starters Poplio, Rowlett, and Litten.

Then we see a montage of sequences of what seems to be new Island trials.

The first one looks like a place inside a forest, a cave surrounded by leaves. The center of the area is a large space where players will most probably fight the Boss Pokemon. The scene quickly shifts to what looks like the Exeggutor Island with loads of Exeggutor standing around on the island. Is the island going to become a trial ground too?

After the new island challenges, the video shifts to Kahili which seems to be demonstrating a Z-move dance. However, the trailer didn't show us who she's showing it to. Next the video shifts to Ryuki, the mysterious dragon type trainer we first met in "Pokemon Sun" and "Pokemon Moon." We might finally get to know Ryuki better as the trailer shows him officially introducing himself to the player in a place outside of the Champion Battle.

Aside from these, we also get to see the "Pokemon Ultra Sun" and "Pokemon Ultra Moon" official map. The new map looks different in the old one as the colors seem to be more varied, with the color orange dominating the seas; reflecting the sunset. We also see a looming dark hole on the sky of Poni Island. Will this looming hole be connected with what will happen to Solgaleo and Lunala?

We’ll just have to wait for more updates to find out.

New Player look, Walking with Pokemon, and special Rockruff

The players will also get a new overall look. Both Sun And Moon has ditched their old outfits and replaced them with a more colorful alternative. Sun is seen to be wearing a new hat and a much larger shorts than before.

Moon sports a new straw hat with a flower on it, an orange top and a new bag. Both heroes look ready for the incoming battles ahead.

One of the things that old players have probably noticed is the scene where the player is running with Rockruff following them around. A lot of people were thrilled when they saw this because it was a feature almost everybody wanted back. Are players finally get to have their Pokemon following them like in "Heart Gold" and "Soul Silver"?

Lastly, the trailer shows us Lycanroc’s Dusk form. The video emphasizes that certain Rockruffs only evolve to the form and promised to reveal more details soon.

"Pokemon Ultra Sun" and "Pokemon Ultra Moon" are scheduled to be released this year on November 17 for the 3DS.