"Pokemon GO" has revealed a new update where Niantic, The Pokemon Company, and Nintendo Company would add, for a limited time, the expected Gen 1 Legendary Pokemon. In July, the capture of the Pokémon Lugia (Pokémon type psychic/flying) and Articuno (ice/flying type) was available. Now, the legendary Moltres (fire/flying type) and Zapdos (electric/flying type) will be available in the reality game. Respectively, Moltres will be available from Monday, July 31 through Monday, August 7, while Zapdos is available from Monday, August 7 until Monday, August 14.

The only way to catch these legendary creatures is by participating in Legendary incursions, in other words, fight the same legendary using your best Pokemon.

Some technical issues with the game software caused bugs in the Pokemon GO Fest

During the major flaw of the Pokémon GO Fest, Niantic President John Hanke apologized to users for the dissatisfaction caused by certain bugs during the event and reimbursed users with $100 in Pokemon Coins. According to Hanke, some technical issues with the game software caused individual failures in the vast majority of users and that interfered with the gameplay.

The Niantic CEO has confirmed that the issue resulted from the oversaturation of the mobile data networks of some network providers, the reason why many attendees unable to access "Pokemon Go."

Expectations were high for the anniversary celebration. However, the reality was another

Several gamers who live in different parts of the world traveled to Chicago to attend the festival; What the visitors never imagined was that they would not be able to capture a single Pokemon because of bad internet connections.

According to the latest reports emerging on social media, some fans of the video game want to sue Niantic for a lack of organization and because, according to them, the promotion was not fulfilled.

Niantic responded to the allegations with public apologies, saying the Company will return the money spent on tickets and will deliver $100 in PokeCoíns.

We already reported the great summer update of "Pokemon Go" where the Legendary Pokemon would arrive in the popular game. Niantic understood that there was a lot of discontent with the vast majority of "Pokemon Go" players due to significant bugs at the "Pokemon Go Fest." However, no actual lawsuit has been filed against the company at this time.

This is all the information known so far. Keep enjoying the game, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available.