The new trailer for "Pokemon Ultra Sun" and "Ultra moon" has been released. The Nintendo trailer has new details to keep players excited and guessing.

Features of the new games

Although "Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon" are alternate versions of "Pokemon Sun/Moon," there are many changes to be excited about in the upcoming games. The trailer gives players a closer look at the new wolf Pokemon, Dusk Form Lycanroc. The new Dusk Form Lycanroc form is exciting, as we don't know everything about the Pokemon yet.

While the idea of new Pokemon is exciting, what is more, exciting are the changes that have been made to the map of the Alola region.

The map is a bit different, there are now mysterious and creepy clouds approaching the area, and there are new buildings and landscapes that were not there in the first version of the games.

Along with a different idea of the Alola region, the trailer hints that new information about the region will be announced. It is assumed that this is referring to Ultra Beast Necrozma. The mysterious Ultra Beast Necrozma will be playing a much bigger role in the new version of the games. We are excitedly expecting much more information about Ultra Beast Necrozma than we were given before.

The games' website says that the games will feature new types of Z-Moves as well. Players will receive a ring that will unlock different moves than what we had in games previously.

Kommo-o will have its own personal attack move, the Clangorous Soulblaze. Clangorous Soulblaze is a powerful attack that damages more than one opponent at once and increases all of Kommo-o's stats.

Excitement for the game release

"Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon" is set to release on November 17 for the 3DS. While that still seems to be so far away, players will be able to enjoy "Pokemon Gold" and "Pokemon Silver" again.

"Pokemon Gold/Silver" will be released on the Nintendo 3DS Eshop in September. "Pokemon" players in Europe will be able to buy the hard copies of "Pokemon Gold" and "Pokemon Silver" which will contain a download code for the version of the game purchased.

Nintendo has made sure that people who buy the game as soon as possible will be gifted for their purchase.

Anyone who purchases the game before January 10 will receive a free Rockruff as a downloadable content present. Rockruff is kind of a big deal, as it evolves into Dusk Form Lycanroc.

"Pokemon" fans everywhere will be excitedly awaiting the game as we wait for more details to be released. Be sure to purchase the game as early as possible for a free Rockruff!