Niantic has recently released three new Legendary Pokemon and expanded its creatures on the legendary roster. Furthermore, the company will also introduce the infamous Mewtwo next week.

New Legendary Pokemon revealed

Three Pokemon from the region Johto is now available. The new creatures also come with a limited time and set with a particular part of the world.

The three legendary Pokemon include Raikou, Entel, and Suicune. Raikou, a Legendary Electric-type Pokemon, is now available in the United States. Entel, the Fire-type, is available in Africa and Europe.

Meanwhile, the Water-type Suicune is available for players in the Asia region.

These legendary creatures would remain in its place until September 30. Hence, "Pokemon Go" players are allowed to have a full month of capturing it. After a month, the three will take turns to a different region, which also happen again on October 31. These rotations will let players have an equal chance to catch each of the legendary creatures over the next three months.

Niantic released a statement, saying that while the Legendary Pokemon are traveling around the world, they will also start a new battle called Ex Raid Battle. However, the battle is still in a field-testing phase. It is only available at a selected Gym before the feature will be available globally.

The company also explained that they made some huge changes in the new EX Raid Battle. The developer team specially modified its features based on the global Trainer community feedbacks. Moreover, the field test will have episodic corrections to its features requirements, durations, times, and locations.

Players can participate in the upcoming field test of the Ex Raid Battle.

They can start joining the game’s new system as soon as September 6, 2017.

Mewtwo is coming as early as next week

Niantic also revealed that they have a different plan for Mewtwo, which is currently the strongest Pokemon in the game. The creature will be only available to the elite trainers who participated in the Pikachu Outbreak event in Japan.

As for the players who did not participate in the event but want to acquire it, they must work their way through the Ex Raids Battles. However, the player will have to wait a bit longer as the raid is still in the development stage.

‘Pokemon GO’ 0.69.1 for Android

A report published in WCCFTech also revealed that the "Pokemon Go" 0.69.1, which is a new version of the game for Android, is now available to download. Even though the update did not bring any new features, it still comes with updates such as bug fixes and gameplay enhancement. These features will allow better gameplay experience especially for the players who experienced the frequent crashes of the game.