Another "Pokemon Go" Legendary has been unleashed in Mewtwo. The new rare pocket monster was unlocked after its successful capture at a Pokemon Go Stadium event in Japan, meaning augmented reality players may want to keep an eye out.

Mewtwo will now be part of a new feature for Exclusive Raid Battles, an event which would require an invite. To get an invite, players need to have completed a Raid at the same location where the Exclusive Raid Battle is taking place.

Niantic makes Mewtwo hunting harder

With most lauding the release of Mewtwo, players will now have to plot out their strategy on how to get him.

The requirements set may be daunting, meaning remaining die-hard AR players will need to be more aggressive and ready.

Catching Mewtwo will be no stroll in the park. Also, there is the question of time that would elapse after a standard Raid. Niantic says that victors will be given advanced warning to give them time to coordinate with other trainers.

Mewtwo will appear periodically all that starts in a couple of weeks according to Game Spot. The Pokemon rare’s imminent arrival appends the release of other pocket monsters recently such as Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres and Lugia.

More Pokemon Rares from Raid Eggs

Aside from the long-overdue arrival of Mewtwo, there are several other powerful Pokemon expected to come out too.

Though most expect them from Raid battles, some other powerful pocket monsters may originate from Raid Eggs hatched in the future.

All this was teased by Niantic though the company has yet to provide further details. That includes the Pokemon that players would get from Raid Egg hatching and the stats that each could possibly have.

More updates should come out in the following weeks as Niantic continues to release improvements to the game though these could be region-based. One example is the Shiny Pikachu which recently got released in Japan.

The Shiny Pikachu started spawning at the Pikachu Outbreak event in Yokohama, another new critter for a "Pokemon Go" player’s Pokedex.

A global release is expected to follow though nothing has been made official for now.

Right now, it looks like Mewtwo will be the first to come out ahead of the new Pikachu variant. The recent development confirms another previous report that came out in April here on Blasting News.

There was a growing belief at that time that a "Pokemon Go" event would be set at Tsuruma Park and participants would be given only 10 minutes to try and catch Mewtwo. Capturing the Legendary is expected to be hard, meaning it would be best to stock up on Ultra Balls and fruits that may improve the chances of adding the critter.