Game developer Level-5 has revealed some new information for “Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom.” They revealed details of the new Kingdom mode, skirmishes, some character details and more.

Explaining the mechanics of Kingdom Mode

Players will be handling Evan’s country called Estavania and they will have to maintain it throughout the game. Just like any kingdom building game, they will have to create some buildings, expand their territories, and put some talented people to work. Evan will be scouting these talented people all over the world for the development of their country.

Skirmishes for advancement

The video game also has the Skirmish mode that turns the whole map into a battlefield. Players will have to fight different opponents like monsters and other elements in the field. They will also have to figure out different types of strategies in order to win a battle.

Water country Thalassea

The water country of Thalassea is strictly watched by the device called the Eye of the Queen. This country is also ruled by its beautiful queen, Homedias, and they all follow strict laws. Those who approach the country by sea will get a glimpse of the large device in the middle of it.

Mysterious town Capstan Upon Hull

Capstan Upon Hull is also one of the locations that the game developers revealed recently on the game's official Japanese website.

It is said that it was a town that mainly built big ships for sailing the seas, but now it only has a few people residing in it. The whole party thinks that something has happened here to make the mood depressing.

Living history book director Boddly

The inheritor of the historical knowledge of the Ni no Kuni is none other than the director of the Goldpaw National Archives, Boddly.

She is also usually called the living history book and she loves getting called as such. She was also the one who revealed the story of The Legend of Brahavan.

Queen Homedias of Thalassea

Homodias is the beautiful ruler of the water country Thalassea and she also enforces strict laws for its citizens. She has a close friend called Celius, who she asks for advice from time to time.

These two leaders also share a secret that they only know and it is also the reason why there are strict laws.

Strategist Celius

Celius is a very strong and cold strategist that gives advice to the queen in "Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom." Usually, his advice is not taken seriously and he gets stomped on by the queen if they are in disagreement.

Thalassea Kingmaker Brineskimmer

Usually revealing itself in the deepest parts of the sea, Brineskimmer is one of the great Kingmakers of legend in this video game. It is also the one that lives in Thalassea and swims freely in its seas. His servant, Odis the Sea God, always accompanies it in battle and attacks with the elements of water and ice.

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