Back when the original Destiny game launched, players complained about the lack of content. Even though the later expansion content and DLCs eventually offered more, the game’s launch content disappointed a lot of players. Bungie seems to understand that they have to do better the second time around. Therefore a recent announcement about Destiny 2 from the developer should excite a lot of veteran players and newcomers as well.

Destiny 2 promises more content than before

During their interview with Edge Magazine, Bungie has confirmed that their sequel will flaunt more than 80 Pve missions and activities.

Just recently, the developer previously hinted that their fans might be astonished by the amount story content in Destiny 2. Given that these commitments are pushing forward, the sequel is turning out to be a huge game with massive content. It was also revealed that each of these new missions and PVE activities will be lengthy, challenging, feature a great story, and will reward players with desirable loot.

The development team even got to a point where they noticed that they have thrown in a lot of stuff but realized that they should also work on the game’s progression. Players can expect that these will all be addressed before Destiny 2 comes out next month.

Making it more challenging

Bungie also shared some information about the changes to how Nightfall strikes work in the upcoming title.

Previously, players can take all the time they want as long as they keep one player alive to revive their fireteam members. Patient players can draw out these missions and even chip away at the boss’ health. Now, these strikes will have an imposed time limit, which should keep Guardians on their toes. Coming up with a decent plan on how to take on these missions will be the name of the game from now on.

Energy weapons, recharge rate, and more end game content

Gamers who got to participate in the Destiny 2 open beta obviously wondered about the significance of energy weapons. Bungie confirmed that the demo was not able to showcase the extra effect of these firearms during PVE missions. Ideally, using these elemental weapons to deplete the enemy’s shields should cause it to blow up.

Likewise, the explosion will apparently deal damage to enemies within a particular area.

Meanwhile, it was also confirmed that grenades and supers will recharge a little bit faster than it did during the open beta. A lot of players voiced their complaints about the lengthy charge rates on the game’s forums. The developer seeks to keep the game balanced and make appropriate changes when necessary.

Destiny 2 seems like it will be a well-polished game when it launches on September 6, 2017. Bungie has already confirmed that players will have a lot of end-game elements to look forward to. Fans have even started to speculate about the next two DLC expansion content. Meanwhile, veteran players are already thinking about the new raid and its mechanics.