The latest update to the Overwatch Player Test Realm has introduced two new and highly anticipated game modes which will make it to the main game soon.

New Arcade Modes

The new arcade modes are called Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch, and they're exactly what they sound like: a free for all battle between up to eight players. Deathmatch will be 1v7, which should provide for some interesting moments. Team Deathmatch, however, is more of the same team based 4v4 action we all know and love.

Blizzard is utilizing a points-based system to score both new modes.

Players will earn one point every time they land the killing blow on an enemy, and lose one point whenever they die to environmental hazards or self-inflicted damage. In Deathmatch, the first player to reach 20 points wins the game. In Team Deathmatch, that score limit is increased to 30 points.

Oh, and Mercy mains will be delighted to hear that if a player is resurrected, the corresponding point is stripped from the enemy team. It's time to sharpen up those healing skills.

New Map: Château Guillard

The map selection for both Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch includes old favorites like Hanamura and King's Row - but there's also a brand new map for players to explore.

Château Guillard, for those of you not up to date on the Overwatch lore, is the home of Widowmaker.

Apparently, it's the home of her ancestors, a sinister pack of french nobles who found themselves unseated in the wake of the revolution. Now Widowmaker has returned to pick up where they left off, establishing a base for Talon in the heart of Europe.

That's if all these Overwatch agents don't trash it first.

Château Guillard is a natural home for the Widowmaker, and for other snipers.

It's a small map with plenty of high spaces to lurk in wait on. But campers beware - the map also includes jump pads (the kind seen in Lucioball) that will allow even the clunkiest of characters to catch distracted snipers unaware. The map is full of twisty passages that take players right from the dungeon to the battlements - there will be plenty of opportunities to catch opponents off guard.

By the way, here's something interesting for those of you keeping up with the Overwatch lore. Remember how Amelie Lacroix was brainwashed into becoming widowmaker, a creature of few emotions and even fewer desires to stay on the point? Well, the easter egg, discovered by Reddit user InfiniteTurbine, seems to indicate that her neural conditioning might be wearing off. It's a picture of Widowmaker and her deceased husband, on their wedding day, no less.

There's bound to be plenty of other neat little pieces of information to find among the dusty halls of Château Guillard. Fans are already working on a translation of a particularly juicy-looking email found on Widowmaker's Talon-issued laptop. Found something fascinating you can't wait to share? Comment below!