This fall, Ubisoft is releasing what is said to be the largest free update for "The Division." Simply called Update 1.8, it will feature a slew of new content for fans of the online-only action role-playing video game from Massive Entertainment. The update that's slated to arrive on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC this fall features two new modes, a new area, and a social space. That's a lot of new treats to explore for fans of the game, which was released in March 2016 and is currently on its second season. So what exactly is in store for players?

Update 1.8 to includes two new modes

According to VG247, the upcoming Update 1.8 for "The Division" will feature two new modes called Resistance and Skirmish. The Resistance is a cooperative mode that will find players fighting against opponents that have seemingly teamed up to take down the players. Resistance takes place in the new area called West Side Pier, where players must find out why the opposing teams are "forging an alliance" and have "sudden interest in this location." Players should expect the new Resistance mode to be teeming with NPCs that come in waves, as players and three of their teammates try their best to defeat them all to earn rewards. Meanwhile, the Skirmish is a new PvP mode in which two teams with four players each will compete against each other to gain the most number of kills before the time runs out.

This will also take place in the new area called West Side Pier, which according to Gamespot is "a new area that expands on the existing map."

Camp Clinton social space arriving to 'The Division'

Aside from the two new modes and the new area included in Update 1.8, "The Division" players can also expect a new social space arriving this fall.

Tagged "Camp Clinton," the new social space will enable players to meet other agents and trade weapons and other armory before heading to the West Side Pier. Aside from the new content, players can also expect that more improvements to the "Underground" DLC, as well as a more optimized gear system. Players are also encouraged to watch out for the "State of the Game" Livestream happening on Twitch on August 31 at 11 p.m.

ET / 4 p.m. U.K.

Update 1.8 isn't the only free content coming to "The Division" in its second year. Update 1.7 was also released as a free update just this August 15. "The Division" is directed by Magnus Jansén, Julian Gerighty, and Ryan Barnard, and is now playable on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.