With "Pokemon Go’s" continued success, Niantic keeps on improving the game for the players. Their recent Legendary Pokemon update proved that more players are coming back to the app to catch the mythical creatures. To continue this rise on their game usage, Niantic released another update for the game. As usual, data-miners are quick to check on what coming for the mobile app.

Generation 3 Pokemon revealed

Data-miners are once again successful in unlocking the mobile game and found a horde of new things from the latest update. A "Pokemon Go" fan site called website The Silph Road discovered the changes and has revealed that Niantic will soon be introducing Generation 3 Pokemon.

The data-miners found 173 new Pokemon inside the game, from the three starters Mudkip, Treecko, and Torchic to the mythical Pokemon Deoxys.

However, trainers across the globe would have to wait for the update for now, as the discovered Pokemon didn’t come with a sound file. Along side the sound files, they also didn't find any move sets for these Pokemon for battle. It looks like fans of the game will have to wait for more news and several tweaks from Niantics before they finally come.

Another thing they found in the mobile app is the possible changes regarding how shiny Pokemon sparkle in-game. More updates are coming soon.

Incubators and Raid Battles

For trainers who love hatching eggs in "Pokemon Go," the data-miners also found a little something for you.

While looking through the file, they also stumbled upon a new egg hatching item called the “Superior Incubator.” As the name implies, the super incubator is expected to be more efficient in hatching eggs than the older item. It is currently unknown if this new item will be sold by itself in-game or will be a reward for future raid battles.

Speaking of Raid Battles, the data-miners also found a new data about upcoming Exclusive Raid Battles. The feature is slated to include new items as rewards for future raids. Aside from these, Silph Road also found updates in Raid Timers and Spawn Timer. Despite this, they reassured trainers that traditional raid battles aren’t changing.

Besides from these, the update also fixed several bugs in-game.

Niantic has recently updated the game with the Legendary Pokemon now available in exclusive raid battles. After the legendary bird Pokemon, Mewtwo is reported to be the next creature to take over raid battles. "Pokemon Go" is out now for all IOS and Android devices worldwide.