After months of speculation, it has been confirmed that there will be a third subclass for Bungie's upcoming game sequel - "Destiny 2." The recently introduced open world destination of the game dubbed the European Dead Zone has brought in some hints that subclasses from "The Taken King" will be included in the game.

Entering the fray

News about the returning subclasses came in as numerous gaming publications who attended this year's Gamescom in Germany released their European Dead Zone gameplay videos containing "TTK" hints. These game outlets have discovered hints that the subclasses for the Stormcaller, Nightstalker, and Sunbreaker will be back in "Destiny 2." From the looks of it, these subclasses are likely to be obtained from the game's public event as most artifacts were obtained in that mode.

A player from Polygon featured a gameplay where a chest was unlocked and among the items that were obtained was an artifact for the Nightstalker known as the Fractured Arrow. Alongside the item was a message stating that the player "found an object with lost power."

Game Informer also found an artifact, but this time, the item was a Cracked Talisman that may well seem to have confirmed the presence of the Stormcaller. Just like the Nightstalker, it came with a message stating that the artifact is one of the keys to regain the player's lost power.

Random drop

Lastly, an attendee of the event also tried the "EDZ" location and obtained a Sunbreaker Titan relic in the form of a Melted Hammer. Acquiring the item was a bit different from the first two as it seems that the player may have just picked it up on the ground from a random drop.

The player even got a message "Your lost strength is returning to you. Return to the Shard in the EDZ to restore your Light."

Another proof that the subclass is making a comeback is a milestone in the game that reads "Arc Light Stirring" alongside the words "New Subclass." There was also a screenshot of an EDZ gameplay that indicated that the player is using the Stormcaller Warlock.

Start pre-loading

As "Destiny 2's" beta for PC draws near, Bungie announced that players may start pre-installing the game this August 25 at 10 a.m. Pacific Time provided that players availed the pre-order or got a code for it. Fans need to head on to Blizzard's and follow the next steps in getting the game's beta version.

"Destiny 2" is scheduled to be released on September 6 for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, while PC players will have it the following month. Check out a video about the game here: