New information continues to emerge on social media about "Pokemon Go” and the first shiny Pichu to be hatched in the game. While it is true that Niantic launched an exclusive Shiny Pikachu at a special event in Japan, some ‘Pokemon Go” players are reporting the appearance of this Legendary Pokemon outside of Japan. After the celebration of the special event that was taking place in Yokohama, new information has come out about the first shiny Pikachu caught by a ‘Pokemon Go” trainer in Canada. It is the first shiny Pikachu to appear worldwide. However, a surprise that has begun to gain great expectations in the "Pokemon Go" community around the world is the appearance of the first shiny Pichu in the game.

According to new reports revealed by a Reddit user, a new shiny Pichu or rather the first Pichu of this type is available in "Pokemon Go."

Next, we will share with you all information revealed about the new shiny Pikachu caught out of Japan, and the latest details revealed about the first shiny Pichu appearance.

The first shiny Pichu appearance in the reality augmented game

As reported by TheSilphRoad user (AJTsin), the shiny Pichu charges itself with electricity more easily on days with thunderclouds or when the air is arid. It is worth mentioning that “Pokemon Go” players and trainers also can hear and feel the crackling of static electricity coming off this Legendary Pokemon. We are not sure if this is the first time hatching a shiny Pichu.

However, it has confirmed that this one is surely the first Pichu of this type to be reported outside of Japan.

There are many ways to know when we are hatching a shiny Pokemon; however, the easiest way to detect if a creature is bright is to select it for transfer in the multi-selection. It is worth mentioning that "Pokemon Go" players can't even choose shinies in there, it will give them a warning that says so.

Additional information:

On the other hand, many "Pokemon Go" users have reported that they were unable to join the battle in the recent event held in Japan and therefore, could not capture the desired Legendary Pokémon. According to them, this was because too many people attended the event.

In addition to all that, the festival also had a carnival or Pikachu parade that became somewhat chaotic, although inside the stadium everything went smoothly and the players could register correctly.

This is all the information known so far. Keep enjoying the game, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available.