virtual reality is one of those advancements in technology that we all secretly want to see succeed. Who has not dreamed of being able to step into a game? To experience complete immersion, to feel one with the experience. This is a concept that people have always been attracted to, which is why anime like "Sword Art Online" proved so popular. It feeds into a core desire, an area of science-fiction we desperately want to see become a reality.

For the first time in history, this is starting to feel like a genuine possibility. We are not quite there yet, as developers are still figuring out how to use VR for their games best, but there is a slew of high-quality devices available on the market to deliver this type of experience.

The biggest issue is the price, as they all require a substantial investment. Yes, this is exciting technology and one for the future, but there is no guarantee we will see some great titles released for the devices over the next few years. Bethesda is porting "Fallout 4" and "Skyrim," which could prove an important step in determining whether big gaming companies actually take VR seriously or not.

Cheaper just got better

playstation vr's main selling point has always been that it is affordable. While the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift are considerably more expensive and require a high-end computer to function properly, Sony's version can be picked up for under $500 and only needs a PlayStation 4. That is still a large amount of money, but it is a cheaper option than its competitors.

Even if the other devices are of better quality, and are definitely the recommend a long-term purchase, they are only worth considering if someone already has a high-end PC.

Sony has reduced the price of the PlayStation VR to $399, including the PlayStation Camera. Before the headset cost $399 by itself, with the camera setting someone back a further $59, but they are now bundled together.

As the camera is not some peripheral that can be ignored, it should have been included with the VR in any situation. It could be argued that someone might already own the camera with their PS4, but that seems rather unlikely.


What games are available for the PlayStation VR? The available catalog is hardly anything too special at the moment, although a few worthwhile titles can be found. "Resident Evil 7" and "Until Dawn: Rush of Blood" are easy recommendations for horror fans, while "Superhot VR" and "Driveclub VR" are the definitive versions of those two PS4 titles.