As “Destiny 2” looms on the horizon, Bungie has also started its work to prepare its system for the sequel. Earlier this month, the developer disabled the original game’s “Age of Triumph” record book completion. Players still playing the original game will no longer be able to complete the book’s requirements and earn its exclusive rewards. However, the developer assured its fans that the first title will continue to function after its follow-up game launches. On another note, the developer also notified its players that the Gear Manager tool will no longer function before the month ends.

Gear Manager will be shut down to make way for 'Destiny 2'

The developer’s Bungie Help account shared the sad news via Twitter. They announced that player will no longer be able to use the service after August 23, 2017. Bungie’s decision to disable the tool will most likely disappoint some of their long-time fans. The shutdown will no longer permit users to view their player stats for the first game. Other functions like gear transfers or remote equip, along with their Refer-A-Friend link generator are all included. Meanwhile, gamers with existing active Refer-A-Friend links can still collect their rewards after the declared end date.

Third-party apps and mobile companion app

According to Bungie’s help links, the cancellation of the service will also affect the mobile companion app on both Android and iOS.

While it is sad to know that the release of “Destiny 2” has prompted the studio to take down some of its tools, they also confirmed that third-party apps will still work with their system.

Xbox One players to receive more content

During its release, Sony partnered with the developer to create exclusive content limited to their consoles.

However, this October, Xbox One users can finally revisit the first game to experience the features unavailable to them since then, including exotic items like the Zen Meteor, Jade Rabbit, the Echo Chamber strike, and more. Bungie prepared an FAQ page to address most questions about the transition to “Destiny 2."

Character appearances are locked

Bungie confirmed that the only thing players can import to “Destiny 2” is their character appearances.

Players who have existing characters from the previous game have now been set for migration to the sequel. Fans should know that transferred characters can no longer be customized. The only way they can edit their guardians would be to create a new one.