After being mentioned in the first “Overwatch” story cinematic trailer and subsequently being teased after that, Doomfist finally breaks out of the Public Test Region (PTR) and becomes available on all platforms. A new patch has gone live that updates the game to version 2.16, which makes the new hero available along with several balance changes and fixes that affect overall gameplay. The powerful pugilist has been tweaked and rebalanced based on user feedback via the PTR and finally joins the cast.

New trailer highlights

Along with the official release of Doomfist, Blizzard Entertainment has shared a new trailer that showcases his abilities and ambitions.

The previously reported incident via in-game news, which involves the destruction of the OR15 units at the Numbani airport terminal, is briefly shown. The footage then proceeds to highlight him in combat with other characters. His abilities and attacks are exhibited throughout the clip, which also flaunts his damage-dealing capabilities. It should be noted that the video features the hero with all the adjustments applied already.

Balance changes and tweaks

Gamers can always expect that when a new character is added to the roster, there will be some balance updates as well to accommodate the new hero. Players will be glad to know that the changes involved this time are mostly buffs to several heroes.

Here are some of the tweaks that aim to improve the following character’s usability.

  • Reinhardt has been given more swing speed that allows him to deal more damage quickly.
  • McCree’s flashbang now significantly slows down his opponents when it hits. The Graviton Surge ultimate for Zarya now disables all movement abilities of opponents caught within the ball. D.Va and
  • Reaper becomes a lot stealthier as the update decreases the audible distance for his Shadow Step’s voice prompt and sound effect.
  • The Graviton Surge ultimate for Zarya now disables all movement abilities of opponents caught within the ball. D.Va and Genji now have new voice prompts that alert the team if any of the two absorbs or deflects an enemy ultimate skill respectively. These are also audible to the enemy team and seem to be in place in order to psychologically taunt the opponents.

Loot Box and highlight system changes

Users can now manually capture clips and get to keep them until the weekly reset.

Moreover, one of the most anticipated tweaks has also been included. Gamers can now expect even lesser duplicate Loot Box rewards than before. Duplicate items also reward more currency, which is a vast improvement over the older system. For more information about all the changes that came with the update, readers can view the official patch notes available on the game's official web page.

Stellar post-launch support

New content, balance changes, system improvements, and more are the top reasons why fans love “Overwatch.” The developer team from Blizzard Entertainment continues to give its community more reasons to continue playing and enjoying their game. It was even discussed in one of their developer videos that Doomfist was originally just meant to be a plot-progression element. However, the character’s popularity and the demand from fans finally made him real. Gamers who plan to grab the game can also take advantage of their Game of the Year edition, which was just released recently and comes several bonuses.