Griefers and cheaters are now being given appropriate action by Blizzard if you report them. The latest changes in the reporting and penalty system in “Overwatch” is deliberately sinking its teeth on toxic players. It appears that the game developer will notify the reporter on the progress of the filed report.

Emails for reporters

On Reddit, a user by the name crazyjackal shared an email that was sent to him by Blizzard. According to the Redditor, he reported a couple of players this week. He added that he even asked others to file a report despite their disbelief to the system.

His report contained an XP farmer who uses a bot script to join Lucioball continuously. While in the game, the player spam punch and jump without moving. The other player he reported was an aimbotter.

The Redditor continued that so far, he did not know which was penalized. However, he shared the email notifying him that actions had been taken in response to his reports. The email thank him for his help in keeping “Overwatch” fun and fair by reporting players suspected of cheating and exploiting the game. The email says that Blizzard cannot give the specific details about the type of penalty and the duration. The letter was confirmed to be authentic by Blizzard’s Lead Software Engineer Bill Warnecke.

Taking action

In July, the game developer released an announcement that there will be stricter policies and increased penalties on players found to be misusing the game. In addition, it was noted that penalties will be implemented on verified reports. While players have not seen any new feature about the reporting and penalty system of the game, the email is a nice reminder that it is taking action for the players’ efforts.

Console reporting

While players were commenting on the Redditor’s post, several console players are happy to know the recent development in the Reporting system of the game. However, the feature is not yet available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. In July, Blizzard revealed that it was still working on the said feature that will soon be released on the console.

The game developer noted that there are several elements that were undergoing internal testing at that time. However, it underlined that they aim to implement the same reporting system that is currently available on PC.

The latest move of acknowledging the reports from players and taking the necessary actions is a good indication that Blizzard is doing its best to improve “Overwatch.” It would be a lot better if the feature would soon be released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.