Bungie has finally released a new trailer that flaunts the PC version of “Destiny 2”. The new video showcases the 60 frames-per-second frame rate exclusive to the PC platform only. Fans would also notice that Nvidia is heavily advertised on-screen since both companies have a marketing agreement. Also confirmed in the trailer is the sci-fi shooter’s Open Beta period for the new platform, which will start on August 29 until August 31, 2017. Gamers can also choose to play the game with 4K visuals as long as their computer’s specifications can handle the requirements.

Battle.net will be the exclusive digital distributor of “Destiny 2”

Not long ago, an article from Blasting News talked about the possibility of the game being available through Steam. According to the report, users noticed that the digital game distribution platform posted something about “Destiny” silver. The item is actually an in-game currency used in the game’s first installment. However, the new “Destiny 2” PC Beta launch trailer confirms that Blizzard Entertainment’s Battle.net will exclusively distribute and host the game. Players can also begin to pre-order their copies on August 28, 2017. As an added bonus, those who pre-ordered will enjoy a 24-hour early access to the open beta.

A little late but made up for the delay

It seems like PC gamers are getting the short end of the stick due to the late start of the PC open beta. However, Bungie is well aware of the situation and opted to give players something new to entice players. The upcoming open beta will come with some features that were not included in the console version.

Tweaks like the grenade and super charge rate adjustments will be applied. A new Crucible map called Javelin-4 will also make its debut during the open beta demo. Some of its other contents should be the same as the console versions.

Nvidia Gameworks included

Activision Blizzard has signed an agreement with Nvidia that adds more options for PC systems with compatible graphics cards.

Destiny 2” on the PC seems to be the top-shelf version of the game. It features support for 21:9 monitors, 4K resolution graphics, an unlocked frame rate, and the traditional FPS control scheme via a mouse and keyboard. Bungie has finally made their critically-acclaimed shooter available for the PC, which will definitely spawn a new wave of fans. Their previous game was a console exclusive that many hoped would get a PC version.