Recently, D. Va and Mercy getting reworked have been making headlines on the web. The changes for the heroines are now live in the “Overwatch” Public Test Realm. Blizzard has rolled out a minor tweak to Reinhardt that could have a massive impact when it goes live on the game servers.

Reinhardt small tweak

The news about Mercy’s new Valkyrie Ultimate has taken the community by storm today. With massive changes in her abilities going live in the “Overwatch” Public Test Realm, fans can’t help but try playing her. D.Va also got a massive rework as the game developer made changes on her Defense Matrix and equipped her with Micro Missiles.

Interestingly, Reinhardt's. Barrier Field has received a minor change and players can now rotate the camera while holding primary fire and the shield is active. The latest change is intended to give the hero more situational awareness while protecting his team by using the shield. It is an interesting change as Blizzard makes it more significant for the hero’s role as a team protector. By allowing the player to rotate the camera, the German tank now becomes more aware of its surrounding.

While to some this is just a minor tweak, if this goes live on the game servers, players using Reinhardt will have access to information. In the game, information about your surroundings and your enemies is vital.

With the right information, players can shoot down Tracers sneaking from behind. Moreover, the German hero can also maneuver his shield in protecting his team effectively.

Ecopoint: Antarctica Map

Meanwhile, Ecopoint: Antarctica map is also live now on the game’s Public Test Realm. The map is the station where Mei and her team mates spent their time studying the climate.

This is also the same place where they cryo-sleep as the ice storm approaches. The map is a familiar one as it was already featured in the game in the past.

The latest map will be released alongside the hero changes rolled out for Mercy, D.Va, and Reinhardt. So far, no release date has been provided. Console players will have to wait for a longer time to get their hands on the upcoming changes and additions as these are only available now on PTR, which only PC players can access.

Currently, there are several players complaining about the latest changes released for Mercy. According to them, the heroine became super strong, and they think that it is not good especially when playing against her. Several changes are coming to the Healer as “Overwatch” principal designer Geoff Goodman hinted that she might be getting a nerf soon after getting her new Ultimate.