The Play of the Game system in “Overwatch” is one of the many highlights during every battle. This short clip usually plays at the end of a match and arguably features the highlight of the entire round. While the system itself is pretty cool, players have been bringing up the idea of two players sharing the spotlight. Blizzard had already brought up this idea in the past and now players want to see it happen.

How to earn a Play of the Game clip

The Play of the Game (POTG) usually goes to that one player who manages to earn a double-pentakill if a short amount of time.

Naturally, the easiest way to earn this is through ultimate abilities. Because of this, many POTGs usually revolve around Offense heroes like Soldier76, Reaper, Genji, and McCree.However, other characters like Torbjorn, Symmetra, and Bastion also get their fair share of the spotlight because of their sheer firepower.

Support characters also have their own means of getting a POTG despite their low damage output. Mercy usually gets a clip if she manages to pull off a 3-5 man resurrection, even if she dies shortly afterward. Lucio, on the other hand, usually gets his spotlight in maps like Illios as he can boop (push) enemies down cliffs and holes. Other characters like Ana and Sombra have a harder time pulling off POTGs as they like the same firepower or support abilities like the other mentioned characters.

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In line with this, Sombra and Ana heavily rely on their team to dish out a good amount of damage through their EMP and Nano Boost respectively. Similarly, Zarya’ Graviton Surge also helps others players like Doomfist and Tracer earn POTGs while she doesn’t get the credit for it. Redditors have noticed then long-time trend and they’ve been making some cool highlight intros to include these underrated heroes.

Redditor LordQuinzulin has made his own highlight intro mockup of what it would be like if Zarya also joined the POTG. Similarly, Redditor FrozenFroh also made his own version of a dual POTG featuring both Ana and McCree. While they may be two heroes on the screen, it hardly looks chaotic and would be a great addition to the game.

It’s best to give credit to all the players who worked together in earning that difficult team kill or 5-man wipe. Since “Overwatch” is a Team Game, it only makes sense that Blizzard is already looking into including this feature. Those who want to play the first-person shooter can get a copy for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One.