Right now, “Overwatch” is currently celebrating the Summer Games 2017 seasonal event. Players can enjoy a game of Lucioball and even earn unique loot limited to the sports-themed event. However, gamers have apparently noted that Blizzard Entertainment has worked on some changes for the Public Test Region (PTR). The developer’s efforts to keep the team-based shooter balanced reflect their commitment to making the game as balanced as possible. This time around, the changes are notably directed at Doomfist and his Rocket Punch skill.

'Overwatch' developers intend to nerf Doomfist again

Ever since his release, players have practiced and started to master the melee-heavy pugilist. Doomfist is a very mobile character and showcases a potential to dole out deadly punishment to “squishy” characters. Game Rant reports that the most recent PTR patch aims to nerf the new character and his Rocket Punch ability. His special weapon damage can quickly take down a single or group of players depending on their position. The developers possibly noted that his hitbox was too big that it would even hit opponents that are not supposedly within range.

Keeping abilities balanced and not overpowered

The reduction of the hero’s Rocket Punch ability’s hitbox forces players to aim more carefully.

This seems fair since his attack can actually go through shields and deal additional damage from a wall bounce. Depending on the health points, his skill can usually destroy enemies in one go. The latest nerf makes it slightly easier for opponents to avoid his attacks.

Other heroes are also getting some changes

The PTR update for “Overwatch” also features changes for Roadhog, Junkrat, Widowmaker, and Orisa.

After a large number of complaints about Roadhog’s damage nerf a month ago, his tweaks now permit him to move around during his Take a Breather skill activation, while damage taken is reduced by 50% during the animation. Junkrat can now hold two Concussion Mines with a much faster RIP-tire and no time limit during the instance of a wall climb.

Widowmaker gets reduced cooldown for her Grappling Hook and her Venom Mine now highlights affected enemies through walls. Lastly, Orisa gets a faster projectile speed and a larger barrier health.

Blizzard Entertainment wants to keep the game as balanced as possible. The competitive scene for the team-based shooter is very important and keeps gamers invested. Some of these changes like the recent one for Doomfist are usually based on player feedback. A new map and animated short are also expected to debut this week for “Overwatch” during the Gamescom event.