Blizzard Entertainment’s “Overwatch” did not really have much of a presence during this year’s E3 game show back in June. The next major game expo is scheduled for next week and fans hope that the studio will finally have something to show this time around. Gamescom is an international trade fair for anything related to Video Games and gaming. The annual gathering will be held in Cologne, Germany and will run from August 22 to August 26, 2017. An announcement made the developer has hinted that a new map and animated short will debut during the expo.

Gamescom 2017 “Overwatch” showcase

Other than the confirmation that Blizzard Entertainment will release a new animated short and preview a new game map, there is no further information about the exact content. The new map will apparently be revealed on Monday, August 21. Attendees can also take the new map for a spin at the developer’s booth for the duration of the trade fair. On the other hand, the animated short will debut two days later on August 23. The new “Overwatch” animated film will be shown on location and live-streamed as well for those who cannot attend the event. Fans can access the live-stream on the developer’s official Gamescom web portal. The scheduled time would be in the following slots depending on your time zone, which is 12 p.m.

for EDT, 5 p.m. for GMT, and 6 p.m. for CET.

Other games in their lineup

The company’s Gamescom attendance is obviously not entirely dedicated to “Overwatch”. Some of its games like “Hearthstone”, “Heroes of the Storm”, “World of Warcraft”, and "Starcraft 2" are also getting new content. These titles will receive several tweaks and content changes as well.

Jeff Kaplan and animated shorts

Earlier this year, Jeff Kaplan, “Overwatch” game director, promised fans that they would feature more animated shorts in the future. The collection of animated shorts that are currently available is considered to be the first season. Based on what Kaplan promised fans, the new video clip scheduled for next week could kick start the second season for 2017.

The game director previously admitted that “The Last Bastion” was considered as their final entry last year.

Another one of developer’s promised content has continually been updated. New maps have been added to “Overwatch” like the Château Guillard map for the Deathmatch game mode. The current seasonal event also received a new map for Lucioball set in Sydney, Australia. It seems that Blizzard Entertainment wants to make up for its poor presence during E3 2017, and Gamescom 2017 looks like the best venue to please their fans and impress other gamers.