Bandai Namco's "Tekken 7" reveal an impressive sales record after the company released its first quarter sales report for the current Fiscal Year. Surprisingly, the Japanese fighting series made it big in the Western region, giving an enormous boost to the game's presence worldwide. Interestingly, the game also topped the United States' NPD charts while clocking in as the best selling game for a week in the United Kingdom.

According to the latest report, since "Tekken 7's" release on the console and PF this year, the sales have reached 1.66 million in copies sold.

It's Japanese release, on the other hand, failed to bring notable sales partly because it has been available in the region's arcade games since 2015. The promising number of units sold also gives Bandai the assurance that by the end of this year, they will be able to achieve the 2.1 million sales goal.

The Aotf website reported that the online network revenue of the game contributed massively in the distribution of the game. The rest is brought by the console's system, which most western gamers use today. Also, the first Tekken 7 DLC pack is expected to arrive later this month; the Ultimate Tekken Bowl. Bandai has released the official trailer for the DLC pack and is now viewable on the YouTube channel.

Additional playable character in 'Tekken 7'

According to the EventHubs, the sales are also expected to increase when the game finally includes the new character named Geese Howard. At the EVO 2017 held in July, it was announced that Geese will be a playable character in Tekken 7. Unfortunately, fans will have to wait until the winter season to receive the new character.

As a crossover fighter joining Akuma of Street Fighter, Geese is expected to feature his signature red hakama fighter pants.

Things to look forward in the Tekken game

According to the Christian Post, the developer of "Tekken 7" is also looking to add more characters in the game. In a twitter post by Bandai Namco UK, they urged fans to join the survey in order for them to improve the game.

"Tekken 7," is the ninth installment in the Tekken series developed and published by Bandai Namco. The game's limited run in 2015 in Japanese arcades kickstarted the popularity of the series. "Tekken 7" is the first installment to try the Unreal Engine and is now available on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC platform. The game is currently sold for $59.99 in the US and depending on the region, the price may still vary.