Microsoft will be releasing a limited edition "Project Scorpio" version of Xbox One X on November 7, 2017. It has been leaked by German retailers such as Saturn and MediaMarkt. Here are the details and updates of the upcoming console.

Project Scorpio limited edition leaked

According to WCCF Tech, a photo was leaked online showing that there will be a limited "Project Scorpio" version for the Xbox One X at the upcoming console's launch date. The leaked image was later removed. However, German website XboxDynasty has managed to get a screenshot of the page.

The post further explained that the special edition is a tribute to its original code name, Project Scorpio.

Microsoft has released console updates and new games at the recent Gamescom 2017 live stream in Germany. Moreover, game developers will also conduct discussions and exclusive interviews to give specific details of their new releases. In the recent Gamescom 2017, Microsoft has finally confirmed that the leaks are real. The company revealed that Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition would be released soon.

Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition release date, price, and features

The Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition will include the console, a controller, and an exclusive vertical stand. It will also feature a sophisticated and dynamic graphic pattern at its exterior.

Microsoft also announced that they would release the console’s special edition on November 7, 2017. It will be available for around $499 just like the standard 1 TB Xbox One X. The company added that the limited edition would only be available via pre-order.

Xbox One backward compatibility list to include additional games

Xbox Live programming director Larry Major Nelson Hryb also revealed some valuable information on his Twitter account.

He revealed that more classic games would be added to the Xbox One backward compatibility list. The additional games are “Red Faction: Armageddon,” “Fuzion Frenzy,” and “Crimson Skies.”

In the past few days, the company has added games such as “Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance,” “Battlefield: Bad Company,” and “ScreamRide” on the list.

All of these games received a great visual improvement from One X alongside with its past backward compatibility.

4K HDTV will give the best of Xbox One X

The Xbox One X supports both 4K HDR Gaming and 4K Blue-ray movies. Hence, players must have 4K HDTV to bring the best out of the console. However, 4k HDTV is quite expensive, and it can cost players as much as the Xbox One X itself.