The "Overwatch" league is officially open for business. The free-agent signing period officially kicked off on August 1 and teams in the league will be able to sign players until October 30.

The official "Overwatch" league made these expected announcements in an official release from Kraft Sports group. One little wrinkle in what we could be seeing was the addition of the line "any new team added to the league within the signing window will immediately be eligible to pick up players as well." This is the first nod by anyone officially affiliated with the league that more teams are going to be coming.

It also appears those teams are going to be coming quite a bit sooner than we expected originally.

'Overwatch' free agency period should be interesting

Now that the "Overwatch" Free Agency period is officially open, it will be interesting to see just who signs where. Teams have some leeway when it comes to how much they want to pay their players, though they can't pay them any less than $50,000.

That minimum salary isn't too far removed from what players in pro soccer make today. It's not even that far a cry from what rookies in the NFL and NBA made just a few decades ago. The most interesting part of this whole free agency period is that there isn't a set pool of players that will automatically be chosen.

Blizzard has ranked every player who has ever picked up "Overwatch" so if you are looking like an up and comer you just might be getting a call.

It's nice to think Joe everyman is getting a call from New England Patriots owner Bob Kraft, who also owns the Boston "Overwatch" team. It's more likely devotees to the game will know and expect the players who are going to be signing contracts over the coming days and weeks.

New "Overwatch" teams, the best of the best players

Just who will sign with what "Overwatch" team becomes an even bigger question if new teams are going to be added in the next few months. While the signing window just opened, it will be open until October 30. That will give anyone who wants to go after a particular free agent ample time to fill out the roster.

The big question is just how it will be handled if new teams are going to join the league between now and November. It would make sense that anyone wanting to join would want to do it fairly soon. A team that starts signing players on October 1 are likely signing the league's leftovers. It then becomes a bit of a longshot for that team to be a contender in the first season of the "Overwatch" league.