"No Man's Sky" is receiving yet another update that inches it closer towards being the game that fans wished they were buying upon its release. "Atlas Rising" adds story content and a quick travel function so players can move from location to location instantly, instead of having to actively fly there with their ship every single time.

What could more story mean, exactly?

Currently, not too much is known about what will be included in Hello Game's latest update to "No Man's Sky" although it should be significant. I am basing this prediction on the hype they have built towards it by releasing an AR game called "Walking Titan." Although Sean Murray's infamous title lacked in content upon release, something that has been duly noted by all gaming fans around the world, each update released added a considerable amount of depth to "No Man's Sky".

Sure, some might argue that it was a little too late, but Hello Games have shown an admirable dedication to their game and have been attempting to improve it as much as possible. As "Atlas Rising" has been build up considerably over the last few weeks, and it is the first to announce that the story will be changed, we assume that quite a bit will be shaken up when it is finally released.

Previous updates

For those who dropped "No Man's Sky" upon release, it is hardly the same game that was released over a year ago. One major update gave players the option to build a base, although the options were kind of limited. Still, it was a welcome addition and one that added some personality to the experience.

In fact, the "Foundation" update added two new game modes to Hello Games' title: survival and creative mode. The former greatly increases the difficulty of the gameplay by reducing the available resources. It replaces the calm and collected atmosphere of the base game and replaces it with a constant struggle to postpone death, although most of the time will be spent looking for the basic resources to be able to use your ship.

Creative mode is designed for the previously mentioned bases, as players can set up their own personal home and even hire NPCs to work for them. It is a pretty cool addition and worth trying if you are into that sort of thing. Sean Murray and company also released smaller patches which improved space battles and added new vehicles to make space travel a bit more engaging. Considering all that came before, "Atlas Rising" might end up being something worthwhile.