"Welcome to your tape." That seems to be the tagline of the season, with Netflix's "13 Reasons Why" being a hit amongst TV viewers. Over in the gaming arena, it seems that someone over at Hello Games is a fan of the series. In fact, IGN reports that some Reddit moderators for "No Man's Sky" have received some mysterious Cassette Tapes that contain coded messages. For now, there are 16 cassette tapes known to have surfaced, with seven owners already admitting to receiving one, and five who have shared the audio online.

'Portal' update coming soon?

As Hello Games pulls a "13 Reasons Why" with their new stunt, "No Man's Sky" Reddit mods are working together to figure out just what they mean. According to PlayStation Lifestyle, the audio in each tape contains the set of characters "706s7274616p," which is a result of the audio being run through a spectograph. This set of characters were then run through the ROT13 cipher to create the hexadecimal string "706f7274616c," which can then be converted to the ASCII form. The result? The word "portal," which may indicate that a portal-related update may arrive soon for the game.

New gameplay feature for 'No Man's Sky' arriving during E3?

Some players have a theory that a new gameplay feature for the action-adventure survival video game from Hello Games is set to arrive during E3.

According to Eurogamer, a new portal function would be great for players who would like to wander about planets faster and travel to other planets quicker. Some also believe that the studio may choose to unveil the new update during this year's E3, which is set to take place on Tuesday, June 13, to Thursday, June 15 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Hello Games' last update was in March

"No Man's Sky" received its first update in the form of the "Foundation Update" back in December. In a blog post by Hello Games, the studio wrote that it was "the first of many free updates to come." It was followed by the "Pathfinder Update" in March, which introduced more planetary vehicles, base sharing, ships and weapons specialization, and PS4 Pro support.

It may look like Hello Games is releasing updates every three months since its first update, so it would make sense that they would release another one this month.

What the update is about, unfortunately, has not been disclosed by the studio, but more details about it/an official announcement is expected next week during E3, given that it is a great platform to showcase new content. "No Man's Sky" is now playable on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.