Pokémon GO” players are hoping that the game is finally going back to its roots after dataminers discovered hidden data for 135 Gen 3 Pokémon in the latest patch. Up to now, raiding has been the only meaningful activity with hatching eggs while catching the wild ones is taking the backseat. However, the dumping of over 100 new critters will infuse a fresh lease of life to the game, players believe. It will be interesting to see whether trainers will have the 380+ critters spawning in the game altogether or there will be some pruning.

Gen 3 is coming, getting players excited

It has been an awesome summer for “Pokémon Go” players as Niantic delivered on its promise to release five legendary birds. Mewtwo is scheduled to arrive end of this month. While the latest patch adds little to the base game, Silph Road dataminers have stumbled upon new generation Pokémon, super incubators, and exclusive raids. Apart from the 135 new ones, 73 new types of candy have also been added to the game’s code. According to Forbes, the era of “Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire” is here, and critters added in this generation are reportedly better than Gen 2 ones.

Gen 2 is boring but Gen 3 is awesome

With Gen 2 Pokémon, players complained that many of them evolved into nothing.

Soon they lost interest and even stopped playing the game altogether. On the other hand, the upcoming critters' creature design has been fantastic. There are already fan favorites such as Blazikken, Wailord, Gardevoir and more. Once the update arrives in the game, it will be a tremendous addition. But the question is when will the update arrive?

Simply finding evidence of release does not make the release imminent.

When to expect Gen 3 release?

Gen 2 arrived in February 2017 but dataminers found evidence of its release several months before. While some believe it will take at least six months for the next generation Pokémon to arrive, there are others who feel it will be released in November or December as there is already a process in place, thanks to Gen 2 release.

Niantic has also increased team size, which means things may come sooner than expected. The latest patch does not yet have the Gen 3 sounds, moves, and art. These will start appearing in time. Dataminers are already on the prowl to provide more.

Stay tuned for more information on the “Pokémon GO” Gen 3 release. Until then read my post on Super Incubator and changes to Shinies.