NBA 2K18” is a powerhouse of all the past and present teams of the league’s history including the All-Time teams. These teams will be the ace teams with the best players who have played in the franchise. The game will also have 16 new classic teams. Moreover, several new screenshots have been released recently depicting the upcoming action in the hard court that fans will not want to miss.

New Classic teams

All Time teams of the 30 franchises will be available in the upcoming game installment. According to its official Twitter post, 16 additional new classic teams will be infused in the game.

There are 47 classic teams in the game composed of 1964-65 Boston Celtics up to the 2016 team USA squad. The additional 16 teams will make a total of 63 classic teams in the game.

All Time teams

Aside from the 16 new classic teams, the impressive addition is the 30 All-Time teams. These teams will be fully customizable and usable in the game’s MyGM and MyLeague. The information was confirmed by Erick Boenisch who was responsible for these modes. These new teams will provide ease for gamers who would like to come up with their own roster of superstars in the upcoming game.

So far, there is no information yet on which players made each roster. It will be more interesting when the list is finally revealed.

Fans would most definitely have a debate on the official roster as each has their own ideal players. Most likely, the roster will be released in the next few days as the game is nearing its official release date.

Screenshots and ratings

2K Games also released new screenshots and ratings of several superstars included in “NBA 2K18.” Among this includes Kawli Leonard in his black and white San Antonio Spurs uniform.

He has an overall rating of 95. Joining him on the latest screenshots and ratings is Bobby Portis with an overall rating of 76. Glenn Robinson also surfaced in the latest screenshot for the game with an overall rating of 74. Other players revealed in the latest screenshots include Davis Bertans (72), David Nwaba (71), Langston Galloway (73), Will Barton (77), and Zach Lavine (80). You can check out the latest screenshots below.

NBA 2K18” is scheduled to release on September 15, 2017. The game will be available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. The hybrid console version will initially be available in digital copies, with its physical release following soon.