No Man’s Sky” is getting a new free update this week with the “Atlas Rises” patch. The new add-on will reportedly improve the central story of the space exploration game and give gamers new fast-travel options through the use of portals.

The upcoming update should be welcome news to gamers who have not quit on “No Man’s Sky”. Despite its disastrous debut, Hello Games has tried to offset the negativity with the various updates to the game. Among the previous updates include the “Foundation” and “Pathfinder” update though there is still a lot of ground to cover.

Will new update pick up from 'Waking Titan?'

The “Atlas Rises” update is technically one that sets “No Man’s Sky” gamers back on course following some weird associations to a weird ARG campaign. Apparently, “Waking Titan” comes from Hello Games as well, revealing how more than 250,000 players came together to check it out.

Hello Games founder Sean Murray shed more light on “Waking Titan” via Game Spot, explaining how it was a form of giving back to the players who have stuck with them despite the controversies on “No Man’s Sky”. Among the things players got to do with the ARG campaign included deep exploration and performing complex tasks, things which could eventually be integrated with the latest update.

ARG campaign part of another marketing push?

As most gamers know, a lot of players deserted “No Man’s Sky” due to recurring campaigns and poor performance. A lot has changed since then with the game development team coming up with patches and new content with hopes of coming close to what the game originally promised.

The two updates so far seem to have done just that.

However, it seems that others who departed the game in 2016 remain unconvinced. The ARG campaign may be technically a ploy to lure back disappointed gamers in an effort to rebuild the community for “No Man’s Sky”.

With new storylines and better travel options, the ambitious space exploration game will likely draw in new and old gamers with hopes of getting a larger community involved.

Banding together the remaining players was reportedly another target by the ARG campaign, a spark that can hopefully rebuild the confidence in the game.

Hello Games has quietly been working on the game despite the misfortunes. Seeing that there are quintillion planets to cover, game developers find themselves in a frantic race to come up with new content to keep players occupied. With new features and plot, they may have bought themselves some time to cover more ground and find ways to make each planet unique in the simulated world of “No Man’s Sky”.