The "Monster Hunter" series is hot as iron as fans gather around to talk about it. While Capcom's "Monster Hunter: World" is coming to the PlayStation 4 and PC, another title will be entering the lineup as well. This is "Monster Hunter: Stories." This is another spin-off that brings many elements from the popular monster-hunting game. In addition, there are new mechanics and interface that players yet to experience. Nintendo recently announced its release date along with a game trailer as well.

Furthermore, both the art style and design is unique, fitting the Nintendo 3Ds graphics capacity and performance.

Not only that but also the in-game world and soundtrack mixed together provide an immersive game experience. Here is the game trailer below:

Hatching eggs

"Monster Hunter: Stories" involves hatching monsters' eggs. No, this isn't "Pokemon Go" but another game that presents its own uniqueness. Players venture into various monster nests that lie in different areas of the world. While doing so, they can battle with other monsters nearby to gain loot and materials. Additionally, they can also gather and search for some other items. If things go well, they may find a monster egg.

Now, focusing on the monster egg, each has a different spot and design. The designs indicate the certain type of monster that is going to be hatched.

Of course, these include the monster's genes with different skills and abilities. Players can ride them to traverse other areas of the world. Most importantly, these hatched monsters can become powerful allies with offensive combos

Familiar in other Monster Hunter series games, enemy attack patterns and behavior are present in the game.

Players can mix and match genes to create a powerful monster hybrid to aid them in battles.

Battle system

The battle system is somewhat unique because it uses the "rock-paper-scissors" mechanics. This is called "Jan-Ken-Pon" in Japan, which is popularized and revived by a famous idol group. Going back on the battle mechanics, players can launch multiple combos at once to unleash devastating damage.

Contrary to the original series, "Monster Hunter: Stories" presents a turn-based combat system. An RPG system to be exact.

"Monster Hunter: Stories" will be released on September 8 this year on the Nintendo 3DS system in North America and Europe. The game's demo will be available through the Nintendo E-shop on August 10 in both regions.