Capcom previously revealed a new gameplay video at San Diego during the Comic-Con 2017, detailing in-game weapons. Weapons play an essential part in a hunter's life in Monster Hunter: World. In addition, there is no meaning of hunting when weapons aren't present.

Now, the weapons are the next focus of Capcom. These weapons have some minor changes but these are significant in terms of gameplay and hunting. The following weapons that will be mentioned below have commonalities with the previous ones in the older series, but some are new and some were changed.

Here is the rundown of all the weapons below:

14 Weapons

Here are the following weapons in the said game:


Bow is an excellent weapon for ranged attacks. In addition, this weapon deals more damage when it is charged longer. However, hunters must be aware that holding the arrow longer during charged attacks will deplete their stamina. They can also use the large arrows to slice monsters to gain proper positioning.

Charge Blade

Charge Blade or Axe can be used in various ways. First, this weapon can store energy in both its shield and ax. Depending on the situation, hunters can defend themselves from an impending attack or deal more damage to a monster.

Great Sword

This is the all-around weapon that deals huge damage.

To compensate for its huge damage, attacks are slower compared to Long Swords. Great Swords are perfect in crushing a monster's defenses or armor.

Dual Blades

Dual Blades are for hunters who prefer nimble attacks with a decent amount of damage. They should be aware that filling up the gauge for "rage mode" will deplete stamina.


Hammer mainly focuses on crushing attacks. This weapon is perfect for crushing and destroying impenetrable armors from monsters. When a Bow is not that effective, crushing a monster's shell or defense will allow Bows to hit critical points.


Gunlance is a two-in-one weapon that can pierce monsters while shooting two or more shells as an added combo.

Heavy Bowgun

Heavy Bowgun, sometimes called a "cannon," is perfect for dealing huge damage from a safe distance. The bullets or shells fired from this weapon deal massive damage. However, since this weapon is heavy, a hunter's is slower compared to the Light Bowgun.

Light Bowgun

This is the sibling of the Heavy Bowgun above. Light Bowgun also deals a decent damage from a safe distance. This weapon is also perfect for flying monsters. As a compensation for the lower damage compared from the Heavy Bowgun, hunters can move faster.

Hunting Horn

Hunting Horn is one of the favorite weapons among Monster Hunter series players. Certain notes are playable and a combination will either boost allies or debuff a monster.

This weapon requires practice and memory.


Lance is perfect for piercing attacks. Contrary to the Gunlance, Lance has a small shield, that can be used to defend.

Insect Glaive

This is the new weapon that has been introduced.

Long Sword

Long Sword is the weapon of all time along with the Sword and Shield. Long Sword fills up the gauge and this can be used to chain faster attacks.

Switch Axe

Switch Axe, as it is called, is a weapon that can switch between a huge damage ax and a nimble sword.

Sword and Shield

This is the basic and easiest weapon to use and master. Hunters can defend themselves with the shield while the sword deals a decent amount of damage. It all boils down to the players' skills and usage.

Skills and techniques

Practice makes perfect and practice is a must. Although, some players would prefer the use of a weapon in the moment of hunting. Mastering a weapon will yield good results in hunting, along with the hunting basics and monster behaviors.

Monster Hunter: World will be out on early 2018 on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles in the West. The PC version will come out next as soon as the first two will be released. In Japan, only the PlayStation 4 version will be released.