The latest updates for "Grand Theft Auto 5" will feature a new space mod in the works and the status of the rumored 'GTA 6' motion capture resume.

'GTA' in Space

A new trailer for the latest game mod in "Grand Theft Auto 5" will feature players going to outer space for time, exploring the vast universe and fight aliens along the way. Dubbed "Grand Theft Auto Space" the upcoming mod is being developed by modder Solloholla.

Solloholla is famous for his mods in "Gta 5" such as "Spider-Man" and "Simple Zombies. His space mod will be his biggest project yet in the game given the impressive amount of graphics used to create the Moon, planet Mars and the whole universe in general.

The key features being shown in the space mod will include a huge earth based facility with hangars and a launch pad. Players can explore the Moon and Mars using a moon buggy. Players will also encounter hostile aliens and they will fight back using laser guns and rifles.

The new space mod will also feature its own standalone story based missions making it different from the previous mods and Solloholla hopes that his mod will open the foundation for future content in the game.

"I just want it to be good and work for 90% of the people so we can do add-ons and DLC and Machinima creators/modder can expand it and make this mod their own," Solloholla said.

Fake 'GTA 6' resume

It seems that the alleged "Grand Theft Auto 6" resume from stunt actor Tim Neff has been outed as a fake.

According to PCGamesN, Neff's resume was an elaborate ruse, as the video game outlet managed to get in touch with the actor to clarify the rumored motion capture job.

Neff stated that he had no clue if the game has started development as has not done any work for Rockstar Games since "GTA 5," denying that the website and resume were not his, to begin with.

"That isn't my page, account or resume," Neff said. "I don't even know that website. I worked in GTA 5 a long time ago and I haven't done anything since."

With that being said, it seems that it will take a long time for Rockstar Games to announce something concrete for "GTA 6" since they are clearly still busy with making more content for "GTA Online."

It was last year that a source close to the game publisher claimed that the next sequel is in development, but it was in the early stages of the production at that point.

The game developers have yet to reveal the story, characters, and even the possible location for the game.

Gaming fans will just have to wait for further announcement from Rockstar Games regarding the next installment of the "GTA" series.