Nintendo’s miniature Super NES Classic Edition console seems to resemble the original gaming system. The new console will arrive with 21 games, including the upcoming sci-fi shooter video game, “Star Fox 2.”

Despite having its predecessor’s overall look and appeal, the Japanese tech company made sure that the new snes classic edition will offer added value. According to Gamespot, the new gaming system will come along with a Rewind feature. Users can instantly play a saved game and watch it for several minutes.

This means that SNES Classic Edition players can resume the gameplay within the video clip.

Also, the gaming system provides a screensaver that emerges whenever the screen is not working. The screensaver will display the gameplay footage of the SNES Classic Edition players.

This makes the Rewind feature of the SNES Classic Edition valuable for gamers. The Rewind feature allows gamers to resume at the toughest parts of the game and become an expert in the process. Gamers can also return to a particular place where they missed collecting a specific item in the game.

The gaming system also offers three different display options, such as the CRT filter with scanlines, an aspect ratio of 4:3 and a pixel-perfect version.

Pre-order of the console

Meanwhile, the pre-order of the console was a disaster.

Despite the tech company promising more consoles would be offered, units were sold out instantly. Some retailers kicked off the pre-order of the console at 3AM, and the consoles still sold out on the spot. The retail store Target was selling out between the time people clicked to add the console to their cart and the time they went to check out.

According to Yahoo News, Nintendo fans were very angry about the gaming system’s secret launch. It seems as if the Japanese tech giant is trying really hard to make the new gaming console extremely hard to get, which points to the disastrous launch of its predecessor when nobody could acquire a unit.

Ebay, on the other hand, posted several SNES Classic listings.

Several units were sold for above $200, with many paying almost $300. Considering the gaming system retails for $80, Ebay showcased how much people are willing to shell out for the new console.

Official release date

In spite of that, the tech giant has promised to release a significant amount of units soon. Nintendo’s NES Classic Edition console will officially hit the shelves on September 29.